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Malou Medical center in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels: Medical emergencies 7d/7 without appointment

Your multidisciplinary medical center in Brussels

Your medical services in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels

Emergencies 365d/Year

A medical staff at your service

Malou Medical Center is at your service for the treatment of all emergencies. The medical center is open from 7.30 until 23.00 every day and is composed by a medical staff of general practitioners and multidisciplinary specialists for an efficient care of each patient: doctors specialized in traumatology, orthopedics, surgeons, radiologists, physiotherapists, …

A flexible and friendly environment

The added value of the Malou Medical Center? Cares comparable to those provided in hospitals but in a more flexible and friendly environment. The benefits: speed of execution, maximum availability and interventions without appointment. The center is in direct contact with a medical analysis laboratory and has an X-ray machine to carry out the necessary examinations as soon as possible.

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Secretariat ONLY open from Monday till Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 17 + Saturdays from 9 to 13.

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